Eli Vera
Building strong community ties and strengthening bonds between the Department and Los Angeles County.
Eli Vera
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Elect Eli Vera for L.A. County Sheriff

Dear Residents of Los Angeles County,

My name is Eli Vera, and I am running for Los Angeles County Sheriff in 2022. It would be an honor to serve you in this capacity. As a 32-year veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD), I have acquired a depth of knowledge that is critical for this role and will help to ensure superlative leadership within our department and broadly across law enforcement…

From unwavering dedication to my work to the countless leadership roles in which I have undertaken at LASD, I believe I can bring forth transformational change not only for our brave deputies, but within our communities as well. If I am elected as your Los Angeles County Sheriff, I will strive to:

  • Restore public trust in LASD and focus on public safety
  • Rebuild relationships and collaborate with partners including Board of Supervisors and Civilian Oversight Commission
  • Provide clear expectations and direction for LASD while fostering a culture of equity and inclusion…
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In the News
A lifetime of superlative public service

Throughout his career, Chief Vera has accumulated more than 100 different accolades, from various community organizations/leaders, elected officials, multiple Sheriffs, and peers recognizing his dedication to the citizens of Los Angeles County. The distinctions include three separate instances in which he went above and beyond the scope of his duties, and saved the life of a member of the community. These serve as a testament to his character, fortitude, and continued devotion to placing the community at the forefront of his work.

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