Cleaning Up The Sheriff’s Dept. 


“The big difference between me and Sheriff Villanueva is that I believe in inclusivity and doing things in a collaborative manner – he doesn’t.” 

– Eli Vera for los angeles county sheriff


Why is Sheriff Villanueva so scared to address this issue? It’s because he’s incompetent and has no idea what to do about it. Because of the scandals under his watch, the public has lost trust in the Sheriff’s Department, and without public confidence we cannot properly do our jobs.
To solve this problem, we have to answer the question: What leads to rogue behavior in the first place? Sheriff’s Department personnel must pass stringent background checks before getting the job – so how do they go astray? Answering these questions solves a problem that is bigger than simply talking about so-called deputy cliques.

 Simply banning cliques or tattoos affiliated with those cliques won’t work because it would simply drive the issue underground. It would only mask the face of the problem we should all be concerned with – eliminating the cause of rogue behavior by any sheriff’s deputy, member of clique or not.

When I’m elected sheriff, we must hit the reset button from the total chaos caused by Sheriff Villanueva’s lack of leadership.

In order to address the root causes of this unethical and illegal behavior, we must all work together. It’s only with that partnership that we can take steps toward real and positive change.

Create a Blue Ribbon Commission

To determine the right steps forward, I’ll work with the Board of Supervisors to create a Blue Ribbon Commission that will examine the problem and recommend solutions. 

The Commission will be made of people from all walks of life – such as elected and appointed officials, researchers and scientists with expertise in fields like psychology and criminal behavior, community activists, active and retired members of law enforcement, clergy, and representatives from both the District Attorney and Public Defender’s offices.

Follow and Enforce the Commission’s Recommendations

I commit to adopting the Commission’s recommendations, which may include additions to hiring and screening practices, techniques for identifying at-risk behavior, and policies to effectively prevent rogue behavior. 

That’s the big difference between me and Sheriff Villanueva. I believe in inclusivity and doing things in a collaborative manner – he doesn’t.

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