Sheriff Candidates Criticize Absent Sheriff Villanueva

Villanueva Cutouts (2)

The forum for candidates for Los Angeles County sheriff was mostly defined by who wasn’t there — current Sheriff Alex Villanueva. The candidates gathered at the Warner Grand Theatre on Feb. 27 at an event organized by the San Pedro Democratic Club. They criticized Villanueva repeatedly — but Villanueva didn’t bother to show up to defend himself, even though he is running for re-election.

ILWU Southern California District Council President Floyd Bryan asked how they would institute reform and bring transparency and accountability. Bryan made it clear he wanted to ask this of Villanueva. While none of the candidates did much to differentiate themselves from each other, they all expressed how they would differ from the incumbent…

Vera criticized Villanueva for ignoring subpoenas from the Civilian Oversight Commission and the Office of Inspector General.

“If you’re the chief law enforcement officer for the County of Los Angeles, how do you not respond to the subpoena?” Vera said. “You’re teaching your deputy sheriffs that if someone disagrees with you, that someone has a difference of opinion from you, then you utterly shun them. You call them names; you treat them with disrespect.”

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