Villanueva under fire at Sheriff’s debate

The incumbent LA County Sheriff and four Democratic challengers appeared at a debate sponsored by the Santa Monica Democratic Club on Wednesday evening.

For his part, Vera said he already had experience combating the issue in South LA.

“Going back for many years when I was Captain of South Los Angeles Station, through to the time I was the Chief of the Central Patrol Division, I’ve spoken out and tried to change the culture within the organization and in teaching our deputies why this practice needs to come to an end,” Vera said. “This practice has caused tremendous damage to the reputation the trust within the community. It has caused huge financial liability to the taxpayers, to the department, and it’s going to cause liability to those individual deputies here in the very near future.” Vera said it came down to policies, which should be “changed immediately,” in line with other police departments around LA that effectively prohibit cliques.

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