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What Voters Want to See and Hear

“Voters need to see and hear about Eli. Voters respond to Eli’s Story, his work to support at-risk youth, his plan to bring accountability, and address homelessness. “

– Matt Miller, Campaign Manager

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Vera 4 Sheriff 2022

Voters want to hear about Eli Vera’s record as a 33-year veteran in law enforcement. Voters respond well to hearing about Eli’s history as a former marine and foster parent who experienced both sides of the criminal justice system. Voters need to hear that Vera has been recognized more than 100 times for his commitment to public safety, including awards for saving people’s lives, creating after-school programs for at-risk youth, and peacefully resolving situations as a sergeant and station captain without the use of force. 

Voters respond best to Eli’s plans to support at-risk youth, address homelessness, and bring accountability to the department. 

Eli’s plans to prioritize public safety over politics and clean up the Sheriff’s Department can be found here on his website.

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